Boys hoops look up

Karli Kinsey, staff writer

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Cactus Shadows varsity basketball has continued to have one of their best seasons. The players were just short of reaching the final four, making it to the elite eight. hey lost their final game against McClintock with a score 63-59. It was a close game, which caused the boys to miss their opportunity to play in the final four.

“We had high hopes to play in the final four and compete for a state championship. We are a competitive program and always expect to play at a high level,” said Zach Washut, the varsity basketball coach.

Although the team did not reach the final four, they still had the best season in Cactus Shadows boys varsity basketball history. Their hard work and dedication is what got them to that point. Without their constant motivation, love, and support for one another, who knows how far they could have made it this season. They are there for one-another.

“Our team is pretty special because we’re all pretty close, we hangout with each other, and have been playing together since the fifth grade. We have a lot of chemistry. We have each others backs because we’re a team. Leaving will be hard, but the memories we have made will last forever,” said Duncan Hearn, a senior.

One reason that the boys mastered playing is repetition. At the time, perhaps they were bored with the concept, but each practice consisted of the same things to ensure maximum performance out on the court. Repetition seemed to be the key to having their best season yet.

“We always start with a warm-up where we have to make 200 shots all together, run a lot, and stretch. Our warm-ups typically take awhile to finish. Then we prepare for our games. We usually just play against each other to practice. I guess it’s just very helpful that we have practice everyday for two hours, except when we have games, so that we are ready to play,” said Nolan Hokanson, a junior.

Coach Washut takes pride in his team and all that they have accomplished this basketball season. He is proud of what they are capable of doing. Afterall, he has been their coach for their entire high school careers. A lot of what they know out on the court is because of him. Some of them even hold a bond with Washut because they go way back to their younger years of playing basketball with him as a coach.

“I have coached some of the players prior to high school and it’s a perfect place to coach. Everyone is so motivated to do great. It’s an awesome school, community, and I love being a falcon,” said Washut.

Although the boys basketball team did not reach the point they wanted to reach this season, there is room for practice and improvement. They will be ready for next season, and possibly even prepared to do better than the last. The boys plan on reaching past their expectations next year.