Does Tech In The Classroom Benefit Students? Pro

Connor Green, sports writer

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With the world changing around us every day and new technology coming out overnight, one of the biggest questions being asked is whether or not technology needs to be in classrooms.  While many would say technology does nothing but distract kids, there are other sides to the story they are not seeing. Most people think of students getting distracted by their phones in the classroom, but who they don’t think about is the students who need technology just to keep up with other students.

People are forgetting about the six and a half million special needs students who deserve the same opportunities as every other student. With 13 percent of the nation’s public school students being special needs students, there are not enough trained professionals to give these students the best chance.

49 of 50 states reported a shortage in special education professionals, and with a shortage in teachers already, things do not seem to be getting better.

That is when technology comes into play. With some of the recent advances in technology, it is easier now than ever to have personalized learning plans and individual help. With technology like touch screens, text-to-speech, and other assistive devices similar to light signals, special needs students can excel in the classroom. Technology is not the solution for everything, but it can help in ways people do not notice.

Technology does not only help special needs students, it can help in all classrooms. With new tech coming out all the time it is hard to keep up, but if students learn how to use new tech, then it only makes life after school easier.

Of course, there are examples of technology distracting rather than helping. While it is understandable that students would try to take advantage of this opportunity, a few kids who don’t care about their education should not be the deciding factor on whether or not the students who care get technology in their class.

Students nowadays have access to all the information they want in their pocket, making it hard for some to see the point of school. But if class were inviting and not as much of a bore, some of these students may gain motivation. This happens all the time already with a website called Kahoot. Kahoot is a great example of how technology can be used to promote a student’s learning, without distracting students.

Although funding is is hard to find and not everyone feels that technology helps the classroom, if given the opportunity, schools should incorporate tech in any classroom possible because what is school worth if it isn’t preparing students for the real world?

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