Fashion app Polyvore growing in popularity

Grace Carey, Staff Writer

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Made for those who love fashion, Polyvore gives people the opportunity to create and design their own outfits.  Following the Pinterest format, Polyvore allows users to pin some of their favorite outfits and later, shop them.

The shopping site that started back in August of 2006 was created by Pasha Sadri.  Later on in the process, Jess Lee jumped on board. With a single email, Lee and Sadri were meeting for coffee and Lee was proposing a business deal to be a co-founder.  Now, according to Business Insider magazine, CEO Jess Lee has become a part of “one of the largest referrers of social commerce traffic on the web, driving more retail sales than Pinterest and Twitter combined.”  

The original prototype was created back in 2006, but didn’t get its “big break” until years later, in 2012.  It has an office in New York City, and a headquarters in Mountain View, California. With over 20 million users, the site has done nothing but grow.

Many people use Polyvore for inspiration, while others rely on alone to get their clothes.  

“I shop on Polyvore all the time, with a busy schedule like mine, it’s nice to be able to shop designer clothes from home,” said Susan Svitak, a Polyvore user.

Many of the Polyvore users are teen girls with small pocketbooks, therefor they find it hard shopping for affordable items.  Occasionally they opt for another shopping site, because Polyvore is simply “too pricey.”

“I would recommend Polyvore, if you have money, because it’s a really cool site.  But, if you don’t have a lot of sending money then I would recommend something else, because it’s very expensive,” said Cheyenne Yerkes, a teen Polyvore user.

The app is available for all ages 12 and up, and has a 4.7/5 rating, in the app store.  It’s also free, so the only thing you’ll ever have to pay for is the items that you purchase from the site.

Polyvore is set up in a very simple format.  There is a home page, a search bar, a design studio, a notification box, and a profile.  

“I like it cause it’s so similar to Instagram, and really easy for me to use,” said Ella Schott, a Polyvore user.

Based on the overall ratings of Polyvore (4.7/5), the users are pleased with the app.  In just four years the app has generated over $22 million, surpassing what Jess Lee would have ever thought possible.  She expects the site to continue to grow and flourish through the years.


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