2015-2016 The CS Press Staff

Rebecca Mejia


Rebecca Mejia is a junior. She is more commonly known by her nicknames like Becky, Rebecky, Bexs or Becca. She is a jersey girl at heart but grew up in North Florida. She hates the heat and moved out to Arizona in October of 2014.... 

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Destiny Serviss


Destiny is a junior at Cactus Shadows. Some of her hobbies include guitar, which she has been playing for three years. Her favorite movie is The Perks Of Being a Wallflower, and her favorite type of music is pop. She also enjoys... 

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Devan Williams


Devan Williams, a sophomore, could be considered your average family guy. When not at school or writing a short story, he can be found at the movies wit his family or hanging out at home with an old Star Wars film eating pizza.

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Sara Windom

Style Editor

Sara is a sophomore at Cactus Shadows High School. Sara sings and plays guitar in a band called sunlaand, and her favorite music is skate punk. She also plays bass and piano.  She enjoys old, scary movies, Psycho being an all... 

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Ashley Wong


Junior, Ashley Wong, has something that much of the student body has not yet a plan for the future. She appears to be driven in school, pursuing challenging classes and setting high school standards. She sees high school as a... 

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Lucas Aikin

Creeker Editor

Lucas Aikin is a senior at Cactus Shadows. His favorite class at school is history/government. After school Lucas plays the drums. He's been playing for six years. Lucas is also in three different bands. One of his bands is The... 

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Lindsey Murphy

Sports Editor

Lindsey enjoys sports such as cross-country and track. Her favorite band is Walk the Moon and her favorite movie is Pirates of the Caribbean. Lindsey believes that newspaper has made her more confident in herself and her writing.

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Nicole Neri

Photo Editor

Nicole Neri is a senior looking forward to graduating high school and going on to college in-state. She has 5 people in her family, including her twin sister. Nicole loves photography because she "finds a new surprise" every time... 

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Kayla Christenson


During her free time outside of school, Kayla enjoys longboarding. She also spends time with her family barbecuing and swimming. Some interesting facts about Kayla are that she enjoys listening to all types of music, though she... 

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Rees Bixler

Spotlight Editor

Rees Bixler is a senior. In his spare time he likes fishing and watching films. His favorite class is English and likes Alternative music. He is on the schools dive team.

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Sierra Galindo

Editor in Chief

Sierra, otherwise known as "Sonny" is an actress, a valuable reporter, and the Editor in Chief of the CS Press. After high school, Sierra plans on attending community college to earn her associates. Later, she intends to transfer... 

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Elaina Rovenstine


Elania Rovenstine, a senior here at Cactus Shadows, with a passion for science-specifically physics. In her free time, she likes to read books in the horror/suspense genre. She also likes to play a lot of videos games.

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Kiera Riley


A lover of obscure music and mushroom pizza, Kiera is a sophomore , a part of a family of six, and wished to become an interviewer for music bands.

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Erika Richwagen


Erika is a senior with a passion for writing. She is a three-year member of the cross-country team and is in National Art Honors Society. Erika's favorite music consists of alternative rock and indie pop. Her nickname is Slick... 

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Katelyn Reinhart


Katelyn is a sophomore who enjoys playing the piano and reading in her free-time. She takes voice lessons and loves rock music. Her favorite movie and book is Gone Girl.

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Alexander Laggren

Features Editor

Alex Laggren is a junior here at Cactus Shadows. He is generally quiet and considerate. After school he participates in Boy scouts, which he has been in for ten years. Also, he participates in Key Club; which is where students... 

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Ryan Heiliger


Ryan, aka Ry $, is a junior at Cactus Shadows and her favorite class is English. Ryan does track and field after school and on Saturday. When she gets out of high school, she wants to go to U of A, to be a high school English... 

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Lauren Haggar

Opinion Editor

Lauren is a sophomore, who is originally from New Hampshire. She just moved to Arizona this past summer, and is enjoying every minute of it. In her free time she enjoys, volunteering at the local animal shelter, spending time... 

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Katelyn Finegan

Copy Editor

Katelyn Finegan, a senior of Cactus Shadows, reflects on how her middle school years shaped what she is today and discusses her feelings on finally being through with high school. Katelyn is in the beginning of her senior year... 

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Annalee Barnett

Food Editor

Annalee Barnett, a sophomore likes golf, she played a little for our schools golf team and plans on playing next year. She goes to church weekly. She has 1 sister, who is a senior at Cactus shadows. She has 3 dogs, and would... 

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Abby Cardenas

News Editor

Abby Cardenas, a senior has been in the publications for three years and really enjoys litmag. Her favorite class is AP literature.

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